Performances improvement of Shunt active power filter With voltage sensor failure

Aziz Boukadoum, Abla Bouguerne, Tahar Bahi


The recent development of fully controllable power semiconductors has led to the design of new structures of static converters called active power filters intended to compensate for harmonic disturbances. The purpose of this filter is to inject harmonic currents so that the source current and voltage are made sinusoidal. The active power filter is connected in parallel with the network. The effectiveness of this filter essentially lies in its control and command strategy to better respond to production and distribution constraints. It automatically adapts to the evolution of disturbances introduced by non-linear loads connected to the electrical network and their response is instantaneous. The objectives we have set are to improve the performance of this filter. The p-q theory has been developed to generate a reference current for the attenuation of harmonics. This method requires the information of three load currents and three source voltages. Therefore, the controller needs information from voltages and currents sensors. Therefore, the failure of one sensor will affect the overall performance of the power filter. Different cases have been studied to observe its effect on the sinusoidal shape of the source currents and the THD. As well, an algorithm for successful compensation of voltage sensor failure has been proposed. Simulation results are presented and discussed


Shunt active power filter, p-q theory, Voltage Sensor Failure, THD, Performances.

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