Fuzzy Logic Based Robust DVC Design of PWM Rectifier Connected to a PMSG WECS under wind/load Disturbance Conditions

Youcef SAIDI, Abdelkader Mezouar, Yahia Miloud, Mohammed Amine Benmahdjoub, Maamar Yahiaoui


Permanent Magnet Generator has been widely used in Variable-Speed Wind Energy Conversion System (VSWECS). Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) of the generator side converter has the ability to have good regulation of the DC-link voltage to meet the requirements necessary to achieve optimal system operation, regardless of the disturbances caused by the characteristics of the drive train or some changes into the DC-load. The main focus of this paper is to present a model for a three-phase voltage source space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) rectifier which is connected to a PMSG in a wind turbine system, where a direct voltage control (DVC) using FLC based on voltage orientation strategy is used to control the mentioned rectifier. The control algorithm employs a fuzzy logic controller to effectively achieve a smooth control of DC-link voltage under wind/load perturbation conditions. Some simulation results, using Matlab/Simulink, are presented to show the effectiveness of the SVPWM rectifier Connected to a PMSG WECS with the proposed control strategy.

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