Dynamic modelling of an earth-to-air heat exchanger for air cooling on the building in hot temperate climate of Beni Mellal Morocco

Ismail Arroub, Ahmed Bahlaoui, Soufiane Belhouidge, Abdelmadjid Kaddour


In this article, we examined the passive cooling techniques built into a building in hot temperate climate. Our work aims to reduce the energy demand for cooling and progress the thermal comfort of building by decreasing overheating hours. The dynamic simulations of the energy performance in a building with an earth-air heat exchanger (EAHX) are performed in the summer period using TRNSYS software. The building is situated in Beni Mellal city (Morocco) where the climate is a hot temperate one. The results of the simulations show a significant potential for air cooling. Indeed, for the hottest day of July (retained for this study), when the outside temperature is 44.8 °C and the cooled temperature (inside) is 29 °C, the difference of 15.8 °C is obtained. Also, an evaluation of the relative humidity is provided. Finally, we recommend that the Moroccan thermal code encourage the use of passive cooling techniques; precisely in temperate climate.


energy efficiency, building, earth-to-air heat exchanger, passive cooling, TRNSYS

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.47238/ijeca.v6i1.149


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