Estimating solar radiation according to semi empirical approach of Perrin de Brichambaut: application on several areas with different climate in Algeria

Mokhtar Ghodbane, Boussad Boumeddane


The solar energy reaching a given surface is directly dependent on the orientation thereof and the position of the sun. To get maximum energy from the sun, it is necessary a good solar receiver orientation towards the solar radiation where the solar radiation is perpendicular to the solar collector, so the knowledge of the sun's position over time is a very important thing. The intensity calculate of solar radiation received by an inclined surface is the primary objective of this paper. The study is based on the true solar time, the geographic and astronomical data on-site study. Matlab was the simulation tool, where a program was developed to calculate the daily global solar radiation collected by any geographical site depending on the semi-empirical model of PERRIN DE BRICHAMBAUT. The some applications on different places in Algeria, like El-Oued, Biskra, Blida and Oran in the day of March 21, June 21, September 21 and December 21, and the results obtained were confirmed by comparing them with the previously results published by the researchers is of great competence in this field.


Keywords: solar energy, global solar radiation, inclined surface, simulation


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