Numerical study of a new earth-air heat exchanger configuration designed for Sahara climates

Abdessamia Hadjadj


Thermal performance for cooling and heating in the building can be achieved by the novel shape of the earth–air heat exchanger (EAHE). In a heavily populated area such as City, Due to the limited ground space. EAHE systems are rarely used, for most residential andcommercial utilization.This paper presents a numerical investigation of the thermal performance of a spiral-shaped configuration Spiral Earth to Air Heat Exchanger SEAHE intended for the summer cooling inhot and arid regions of Algeria. A parametric analysis of the SEAHE has been performed toinvestigate the effect of diameter, depth, pipe length and of airflow rate on the outlet air in theexchanger. Results show that the specific heat exchange is used to cool in an arid zone (south-east of Algeria). When the ambient temperature varies between 40°C and 45 °C, the coolingtemperature varies between 25°C and 29 °C. Temperature difference inlet and outlet airexchanger 18°C, these values are quite acceptable with for cooling the building.

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