A TRNSYS dynamic simulation model for a parabolic trough solar thermal power plant

Ahmed Remlaoui, M. Benyoucef, D. Assi, D. Nehari .


This paper presents a validated TRNSYS model for a thermodynamic plant with parabolic trough solar thermal power (PT). The system consist of trough solar collector (PTC) as well as auxiliary components.. The simulation of the system has been done during the day (01/01) under the meteorological conditions of Ain Témouchent city (Algeria). The model compared the energy performance of the systems: case (1) - Rankine cycle facility with solar field and case (2)- Rankine cycle facility without solar field. The results showed that the present model has a good agreement with the experimental data of the literature. In case (1), PTC fluid outlet temperature reach the maximum value 330 ° C, Work of the steam turbine increase from the 9hr to reach its maximum value 856 KJ/Kg at 13 hr. In case (2), the maximum value of the power remains constant from the beginning of the simulation to 1hr00. Since the flow of fuel (gas natural) consumed does not change throughout the operating period. 

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