Parametric Study of the Effective parameters on the Performance of Solar Chimney Power Plant

Hadda Nouar, Abdelghani Azizi, Younes Chiba, Toufik Tahri, Abdelmadjid Kaddour


The solar chimney power plant (SCPP) is an effective option for electrical energy production from solar energy. In this paper, a numerical model to predict the SCPP performance is developed. The effects of collector angle and solar radiation are investigated on the parameters of air as the velocity and temperature. The study shows that when the collector angle is 20°, the velocity maximum is 1.8 m/s at the chimney base and the maximum temperature is 332.1k. in addition, increased solar radiation produces an increase in temperature (from 400 w/m² to 900 w/m²) and air velocity (from 22.25 m/s to 2.75 m/s) in the solar energy tower


Velocity, Solar chimney power plant, energy tower, solar energy, electrical energy.

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