Extraction of the electrical parameters of the Au/InSb/InP Schottky diode in the temperature range (300 K- 425 K)

Ali Sadoun


In this work, we have presented a theoretical study of  Au/InSb/InP Schottky diode based on current-voltage (I-V) measurement in the temperature range ( 300 K- 425 K). Electrical parameters of Au/InSb/InP such as barrier height (Φb), ideality factor and series resistance have been calculated by employing the conventional (I-V), Norde, Cheung and Chattopadhyay methods. Measurements show that the Schottky barrier height (SBH), ideality factor and series resistance, RS for Au/InSb/InP Schottky diode in the temperature range (300 K–425 K)  are 0.602-0.69eV, 1.683-1.234 and 84.54-18.95 (Ω), respectively. These parameters were extracted using Atlas-Silvaco-Tcad logical.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.47238/ijeca.v5i1.120


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